Tall Tumbler - Painter's Palette Collection

4" wide x 5.5" tall x 2.5" at bottom.  The thumb dent (which makes the top slightly oval in shape) makes them fit into your hand comfortably and they are ideal for cool summer drinks.

This collection came directly out of my pottery process. I formulate and make all my glazes and so there is a lot of testing that needs to happen to make sure the fit on the clay, the colour, coverage, and the texture are all just right. 

When I feel I'm close I splash different glazes onto one pot as a small test to see if alterations need to be made. I keep these tests to refer to later.

As more people have been now coming into my studio, it is these test pots that get so much attention!! And so.... here they are! 

The pours and splashes remind me of a series of painting I made while at art school and so the name - painters pallet. 

This fall pallet is a very limited addition colourway. Once they are gone they are gone.... for this season.  This style will remain with new seasonal colourways.