Tea Light House - Medium - MMPxNN

These decorative houses help add to ones holiday festivities as they are sweet and "homey" and in the evenings when they are lit bring a warmth and Hygge feeling.  They are made from white stoneware and glazed in a soft off white satin finish.

Med: 3”x3”x3” 120gr with 18k gold.


In this collaboration, between Squamish local artists Meghan McCrone of Muddy Marvels Pottery and calligrapher and illustrator Natasshia Neary, both artists join forces to bring you hand-drawn illustrations on handmade pottery. 

To prolong life of pottery, it’s best not to leave liquid in mugs or bowls for an extended period of time to prevent staining. Pieces from this collection are dishwasher and microwave safe, but may show signs of wear sooner.*18K gold is NOT microwave safe*