Ikebana Flower Vase - MMP x NN

This ceramic piece is part of a collaboration between Squamish local artists Meghan McCrone of Muddy Marvels Pottery and Natasshia Neary of Oh The Sweet Things. In this Spring Collection, we’ve brought back your classic favourites and have also introduced a few new pieces that were intentionally designed to serve multiple purposes in your home that will last for years to come.


This multi-purpose ikebana flower vase is a new favourite of ours! Simply place individual stems to display in the holes of the lid, or you could remove the lid and use as a regular flower vase. You can also place an incense cone inside, place the lid back on and use as an incense burner, or keep it in the kitchen counter to use as a garlic keeper. So many possibilities!

To prolong life of pottery, it’s best not to leave liquid in mugs or bowls for an extended period of time to prevent staining. Pieces from this collection are dishwasher and microwave safe*, but may show signs of wear sooner. *18K gold is NOT microwave safe

Matte white glaze. Approximately 4” diameter x 3.5” height