Kids Summer Pottery Workshops

Come drop off your children to get creative and messy in the pottery studio!

Together we will explore textures in clay as we create a slab constructed breakfast set of a mug, bowl & plate. The first session we will be playing with a variety of ways to create textures that we will incorporate while creating their collection. The second day will be spent applying underglazes to add colour to their work. After the session is over all the pottery will need to dry completely before putting it into the kiln for the first bisque firing. Once out, I will glaze all the work with a clear glaze to make it food safe and the colour will come to life during the second/glaze firing. An email notification will be sent out about a week after the end of the session letting you know when to come collect your child's pottery.

Please bring a box and paper to safely bring it home. You are welcome to bring items from home that you think may make some fun and meaningful textures. We will be having a break each day so please be sure your child brings a water bottle and snack.

If you have 2 children of different ages who would like to be in the same session, please send me an email and we can discuss options.

I have been an art teacher in the school system for the past 20yrs and have stepped away from that this past year. I have missed getting creative with kids and am so excited to be able to offer these summer sessions!