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Travel Mug - Kelp | Coastal Collection

This collection celebrates our stunning and unique Westcoast! Take these travel mugs with you as you explore all the beauty and wilderness this regen has to offer.

If you travel farther, they will be a reminder of your roots or be a unique memento of the memories made while visiting. The wild Westcoast is known for its stands of old-growth cedar trees, thick salal bushes, stately sword ferns, and bull-kelp seaweed forests that is home to countless sea creatures.

I have lived on the Westcoast for the majority of my life and when I leave to adventure further abroad, I often miss this beautiful coastal wilderness. I have created these illustrations of a few of my most favorite coastal plants for you to take with you on your travels. To bring a piece of home wherever you go. If you have come to explore this magical place, I offer these as a unique memento to remind you of your wonderful Westcoast adventures.  Where will your travel mug take you next?

These travel mugs are designed to be on the go. The bases are narrow enough and the handles sit high enough to accommodate most car consoles. Once the cork stopper is removed, they are microwave and dishwasher friendly. There is no metal, plastic or silicone to alter the taste or quality of your beverage and the enclosed design keeps it from spilling and helps to insulate your drink.

To prolong the life of pottery, it’s best not to leave liquid in mugs for an extended period of time to prevent staining. Pieces from this collection are dishwasher and microwave safe*, but may show signs of wear sooner. *18K gold is NOT microwave safe*