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Oil Diffuser - Laurel MMP x NN

Oil diffusers, depending on the essential oils you choose, are a wonderful way to elevate your mood and help fight depression. Many essential oils are antiviral, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, so they help to keep you healthy and can help dissolve congestion. Diffusing oils can pick you up when you feel down and help you find hormonal balance, enhanced memory, and improved cognitive function. All this while the warm candlelight creates a soft inviting atmosphere.

Simply pour some water into the top dish and then add a couple drops of your desired essential oil and light the tealight inside the diffuser.  The warmth from the candle will heat the water and diffuse the oil into the air. Please take care to blow out the candle or add more water once the water in the dish has evaporated. 

5” diameter with dish x 4.5”h


In this collaboration, between Squamish local artists Meghan McCrone of Muddy Marvels Pottery and calligrapher and illustrator Natasshia Neary, both artists join forces to bring you hand-drawn illustrations on handmade pottery. 

To prolong life of pottery, it’s best not to leave liquid in mugs or bowls for an extended period of time to prevent staining. Pieces from this collection are dishwasher and microwave safe, but may show signs of wear sooner.