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Travel Mug - MMP x NN

This ceramic piece is part of a collaboration between Squamish local potter, Meghan McCrone of Muddy Marvels Pottery and illustrator, Natasshia Neary. We stepped out of our comforts and took a different design direction for this spring collection. We both felt a heavy pull to create with as little waste as possible using materials we already had on hand from our previous collections. As always, these pieces are intentionally designed to serve multiple purposes in your home that will be admired and last for years to come.

The bottoms are narrow enough and handles high enough that they fit into most car consoles and baby stroller cup holders. You drink out of the three small holes and pour your drink into the large hole. The cork, once there is warm liquid inside, expands and settles into the hole. After removing the cork, they are microwave and dishwasher safe. As with all pottery, the more you expose it to high temperatures the more quickly it will wear. If the cork gets dirty you can wash with warm water and soap and then rub coconut oil or an oil that you use on your cutting boards to make them water repellent again.

To prolong life of pottery, it’s best not to leave liquid in mugs or bowls for an extended period of time to prevent staining. Pieces from this collection are dishwasher and microwave safe*, but may show signs of wear sooner. 

5.5" tall x 5" wide (with handle)